About Us


Life Resurrection Centre –  Church is a Faith and Community Based Organisation with a mission, vision, objectives, smart goals, core values, strategies, action plan and an assessement that must be accomplished over a period of time.

It is located at plot 248, Nsambya Ave Maria Road in Makindye Division, Kampala City in the Republic of Uganda –  East Africa.

It was founded by Apostle Tom and Damalie Sembera and their cardinal calling is to preach and propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


To Open the graves and many bodies of the saints which are sleeping to resurrect to life again. (Mathew 27:52)


To address the spiritual, economic, social and physical aspects of the captives in the market place.

  1. To build and establish churches and places of worship
  2. To preach and propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
  3. To mobilize and empower communities for sustainable development
  4. Counseling, care and Support
  5. Pastrol Care
  1. To go ahead with the developments of our multi-purpose community complex in Nsambya.
  2. To start a lunch Hour fellowship in the City of Kampala in order to reach-out to the people in the market place.
  3. To work together with Government and development partners to promote and contribute to National development.
  4. To have a positive relationship of interaction but not a confrontational one with government
  5. To go into partnership with Government and Development partners in the areas of corporate, social and economic development.

The Principle foundation of Life Resurrection Centre -  Church is deeply rooted in the Bible and it's teachings and is related to the Pentecostal movement.

Today. Life Resurrection Centre Church is well established as a Community Based Organisation(CBO) in Kampala District and has been duly registered under the Non-Government Organizatons Registration Statue, 1989.

Action Plan:

Specific activities have been undertaken to ensure that each strategy is implemented.