"Rehabilitation of An Access road to the Life Resurrection Church"

Road Construction - Life Resurrection Centre recently received permission for rehabilitation of an access road to the church of Ave Maria Road, Nsambya West-Zone.

The Makindye Division City Council authorities found the need  to rehabilitate the road after carefully studying the initial request as had been requested in a letter dated 22nd December 2009.

The following conditions however are supposed to be full filled in execution of the project.

  • Road must be constructed with standard materials and equipment as defined in Standard City Council specifications which the division's engineer shall use while supervising the works.
  • Life Resurrection Centre to contact the Divison's engineer to avail a set of specifications and drawings for that purpose.
  • That Life Resurrection Centre is to inform the Division, on the date when the work is to commence, in order to ensure supervision is carried out.


"Elderly Support Project"

Elderly Support Project - One of the aims of the Life Resurrection Centre is to improve the quality of life of the elderly and their dependents.

The rural elderly people in need vary from those staying alone with no relatives to those with orphans and grandchildren.

The elderly in rural areas rely on hand work till they are physically incapacitated. Traditionally, the extended family provided care and support to the elderly. However, in modern society, the role of traditional family support has greatly reduced. These people have been neglected and they are isolated. They need a decent nutrition, health assistance, housing, education for their dependents, and a way to generate an income. We believe that ’’today it’s them, tomorrow it’s you".

The project for which we request funds will make a difference in the lives of the elderly and orphans in the following ways:

  • improved living conditions
  • better housing facilities
  • easy accessibility to health facilities
  • getting more income through the income generating activities
  • supporting the education for orphans staying with the elderly


"Orphanage Projects"

Orphanage Project - There are many orphans in Uganda. Many children have been orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic or have been abandoned due to extreme poverty or other unfortunate social situations. Oftentimes children are saved from a life of young soldiers or are rescued from human trafficking circumstances. There is an immense need for people to volunteer with orphaned Ugandan children.

We have put all my passion towards establishing a safe and loving home for children that really changes lives and generates positive energy.

Orphanage workers in Uganda do their best, but manpower is low and it is the face-to-face contact that this children greatly need. Hugs from volunteers working with orphans in Uganda are priceless!

The primary goal is that "every child has the right to a loving and responsible family". Every child is a part of their family, we hold each little one with love, we fight for the rights of every child, we seek the best for each child, always. Being committed to this belief has meant that over time we have had to grow.