"Untold story of Life Resurrection Centre Orphans"

Mawajje Micheal - He is one year old, lost his father while his mother was pregnant and later lost his mother during his birth, since then he lives with his grandfather in a small village in Sango who is so weak to provide for the family.

Kibirige Ronald (Junior) - He is 6 years old HIV positive and he is currently staying with a single HIV patient mother and his grand mother in two a roomed house in Buyiwa in Mpigi district. He has never gone to school due to lack of money, his mother is weak to work and the grand mother is also weak to provide for his school fees and feed the family.

Kawuki Emma - He is 12 years old, stays with his 80 year old grand mother Alice Mary Najjuma. He looks after their small garden and the two pigs the family survives on.

Nakiwuge Leticia - She is from Buyiwa village in Mpigi district, stays with a single mother who is HIV/AIDS positive. She is 15 years old and studying in senior at Buwama high school, she is also facing problems with scholastic materials and school fees.

Nalubega Zaitun - She lost her mother in April 2011 and she is now staying with her grand father in a small village here in Uganda, she is 16 years old and she stopped in primary six. She faces challenges in feeding and wants to attain education.

Nakabiri Safina - She is 14 years old and has never seen her father in her life time. Currently she is staying with her grand father. She is in primary six but she faces challenges with scholastic materials like books, uniforms and shoes among.

Nsubuga Ronald - He is the bread winner at home, he goes looking for food for the family in the neighbor hood, he helps in taking care/treating of his grand father who is sickly all the time due to the different diseases which comes with aging. If you would like to sponsor one of the kids above please contact us ively take part in all society activities that affect them directly and indirectly thus boosting their socio-economic status.



Nalugo Bridget - She is 12 years old, stays in Sango with her grand parents. She is supposed to be in primary five but due to lack of school fees, she has resorted to digging for a token. She goes around looking for petty jobs to earn a leaving for a family.

Nakayiza Sarah - She is 12 years from Mpigi district, she attends a small school in the area where she is in primary five. She is an orphan who stays with her grand father who can no longer sustain her needs. She likes schooling but most of the time she is home due to lack of school fees.

Ssentamu Roger - He is 4years old, stays with his grand father in Buwama, he fetches water and helps in digging as his granny can no longer go to the garden. Roger would like to begin schooling but he has no support.

Nankabirwa Kate - She is 3 year and stays with her grand father and faces a challenge in feeding and clothing as the family is chronically poor. Kamoga Meddy - He is 14 years old and he stays in Sango with his grand father. He is the bread winner at home with limited financial support

The kids below all come from one family, their mother dumped them while they where still younger than this age namely Kato Kiyingi 3 years, Ssekadde Joseph 9 years and currently in primary level. He has a problem of nerve failure. Ssewagudde James 7 years and he is studying primary one. These kids face a challenge of clothing and school fees.

The kids below are also from one family. Namuwonge Latifa - she is 11 years, she is supposed to be in primary three but has missed out of school due to lack of school fees. Namatovu Shamim - she is 12 years, faces similar challenges like her sisters, they lack scholastic materials. Mukooza Bruhan - He is 8 years, he dreams of going to school one day and he keeps on demanding his grand father to take him to school but in vain.