On the Verge of Hunger

A Total of 11,798,600 million Ugandan children are at the verge of dying hunger and pneumonia due to lack of food and accommodation, advocates for inclusive social protection have warned.

While speaking at national dialogue on social protection in Kampala on Tuesday, David Tumwesigye, a Policy and Advocacy officer at Expansion of Social Protection at Gender Ministry on Tuesday, shared statistics indicating that 38 per cent of children between 6-17 years have one meal a day a day while others eat once in two days.

Mr Tumwesigye added that 24 per cent of children between 0-4 years completely lack food and decent accommodation, giving such figures as reason why 36 of 1000 children die before the age of five while those who survive death are underweight or stunted.

The 2014 statistics by Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) indicate 55 per cent of Uganda population is below the age 18.

Mr Tumwesigye said the situation have been worsened by the dry spell that has hit the country hard warning that is action is not taken many children are likely to die or have permanent effects on their health.