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Life Resurrection Centre - Church is a Faith and Community Based Organisation with a mission, vision, objectives, smart goals, core values and an assessment that must be accomplished over a period of time.

MISSION: To open the graves and many bodies of the saints which are sleeping to resurrect to life again(Mathew 27:52)... learn more


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A Total of 11,798,600 million Ugandan children are at the verge of dying hunger and pneumonia due to lack of food and accommodation, advocates for inclusive social protection have warned. While speaking at national dialogue on social protection in Kampala on Tuesday, David Tumwesigye, a Policy and Advocacy officer at Expansion of Social Protection at Gender Ministry on Tuesday, shared statistics indicating that 38 per cent of children between 6-17 years have one meal a day a day while others … read more

Because of his welcoming nature, many Christians from 1974 to 1976 were privileged to interact with the Archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Boga-Zaire. But then, others had basked in his loving nature when he was still the Bishop of Northern Uganda. This week, as we celebrate the love and courage of Janani Luwum, we are also aware that suffering for the sake of Christ and justice for all people can never be in vain. As Bishop emeritus Misaeri Kauma … read more

Older people who are active investors and who prefer unregulated investments may be more susceptible to investment fraud, a report published Thursday by the AARP Fraud Watch Network found. The network, established in 2013 to help promote fraud prevention, commissioned a study late last summer that included telephone interviews with 200 known victims of investment fraud and 800 interviews with members of the investing public. Doug Shadel, lead researcher for the network, said that relatively inexperienced people often invest money … read more